[New product release] Raycus Laser launches new 500W, 1000W pulsed fiber laser products

In the morning of March 20th, the new product launch of Raycus Laser was held at the WK·3400 booth at the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich. The newly released high-power pulse series covers 500W and 1000W pulsed fiber laser products that can be used in mold surface treatment, automotive manufacturing, and marine industries.


Since the introduction of Raycus laser 100W, 200W and 300W pulsed fiber lasers, it has been widely recognized in the application fields of mold surface treatment and surface stripping. From 100W to 1000W, we have more mature technology and rich application experience. We believe that we can provide more accurate products and solutions for customers with different needs.


Laser cleaning is currently widely used in industry, mainly for rust removal, paint removal, degreasing and removal of oxide coatings for precision parts. Due to its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, it is used in molds, automobile manufacturing, cultural relics and shipbuilding. And other industries are greatly favored.

High-speed rail derusting

This new high-power pulsed fiber laser product, our rated output power is 500W and 1000W, pulse width is 120 to 160ns, single pulse energy can reach 25mJ and 50mJ, 10m standard output cable, of course, cable length is also Can be customized according to customer needs.

Large rotor blade rust removal

Laser paint removal
With the use of laser technology, the use of laser for product removal paint can avoid the inherent shortcomings of traditional cleaning methods, and can quickly remove the paint on the surface of the substrate without damaging the surface of the substrate, which has important practical value.

Tire abrasive cleaning

Laser derusting
In the current field of derusting, there are mainly derusting of ships, descaling before rail welding, derusting of hot rolled steel sheets, rust removal of natural gas tanks, etc., while the traditional methods of derusting mainly include sandblasting and pickling, which will cause different Degree of environmental pollution and harm to human health. So laser technology has become a very efficient and clean alternative technology.


In addition, high-power pulsed fiber lasers can be widely used in oil cleaning, mold cleaning, stone cleaning, pipeline cleaning and other applications.

The high-power pulsed fiber laser products launched by Raycus Laser have all appeared at the Munich Shanghai Expo. More application discussions can be conducted with our engineers on site, and there will be a live demonstration of the laser cleaning process on site. Welcome to visit Sharptek Laser W3·3400 booth to learn more.


Post time: Mar-23-2019
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