Rheinmetall successfully develops and tests new laser weapon stations

On February 28th, the German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall Defence announced that it had successfully developed and tested a new laser weapon station.

According to the report , the laser weapon station is the latest phase and logical continuation of Rheinmetall Defence’s transformation of laser weapon technology into a fully functional weapon system. It consists of four main components: a laser source, a beam director with a telescope, and a tracker (weapon station).

Recently, Rheinmetall Defence completed a successful comprehensive test of the weapons station. Combined with the laser, the weapon demonstrated its speed and accuracy in a test conducted in December 2018. The weapon station can be equipped with a laser with an output power range of 100 kW.

In the test conducted by the Swiss company Ochsenboden Test Center near Zurich, the drones and mortars were successfully destroyed.

Post time: Mar-08-2019
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