The welding process monitoring system will eliminate the risk of scrapping expensive parts

At the upcoming Munich Light Expo in Shanghai, IPG will once again launch a new product, the LDD-700 welding process monitoring system.

LDD-700 improves welding operations by monitoring the quality and consistency of the welding process, reducing the need for destructive testing of the product’s welding results for consistency and accuracy. At the same time, the LDD-700 has the penetration monitoring capability not found in traditional welding monitoring systems, which simplifies the quality control process and significantly reduces rework. The surface of the material is measured before, during and after welding by the same beam delivery system as the welding, and the part is displayed separately. The infrared laser beam is re-reflected back to the soldering tip and an imaging system that accurately measures the depth of the keyhole is created; while ensuring that the beam is incident on the correct position of the part, the test results are as accurate as the destructive test. Early detection of errors during the welding process helps manufacturers avoid the risk of scrapping expensive parts.


In addition, IPG will also bring a beam mode tunable laser (YLS-AMB). Unlike conventional fiber lasers that use a single output beam for laser transmission, YLS-AMB allows customers to flexibly change the output beam parameters in a range of applications, combining small spot high-energy, high-brightness core beams with larger ring beams. This technology has a wide range of applications in applications such as cutting, welding and cleaning. In terms of cutting, this technology can be used to machine thicker materials and improve penetration and cutting quality. Produces lower spatter when welding certain material combinations, improving weld quality, while the outer ring beam helps to clean the material before welding

Post time: Mar-09-2019
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