• New Fiber laser Marking Engraving Machine for Mental

    Applicable Industries:It widely used in industries of mobile phone keys, translucent plastic keys , electronic components , integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances , communication products , sanitary ware , tool parts, knives , watches ,glasses, jewelry, auto accessories, luggage buckle...
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  • 100W Fiber Laser Machine Laser Equipment

    Fiber laser marking machine is the use of the world’s most advanced laser technology developed by a new generation of laser marking systems. Using fiber laser output laser, and then the system to achieve high-speed scanning galvanometer marking function. High fiber laser marking Electrica...
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  • Guangzhou Focuslaser Co.,Ltd Specializes in Production of Advanced Laser Marking Machines

    Guangzhou Focuslaser Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of Laser Engraving machines. The company is established in China and has been operating since the past decade. Technology truly dominates the kind of products we eat and the variety of products that are av...
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