• Global UV Light Curable Adhesives Market Size 2019: Arkema, 3M, DowDupont, Permabond

    Global UV Light Curable Adhesives Market Size 2019: Arkema, 3M, DowDupont, Permabond

    The global “UV Light Curable Adhesives Market” contains detail market report together with segmentation, company profile, factors of growth, restraining factors of growth, regional analysis, methodology used for the primary analysis and technique of approach used for the analysis is mentioned co...
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  • UV Laser Engraving Machine for Glass Platic Metal

    UV Laser Engraving Machine for Glass Platic Metal

    Uygulanabilir Sektörler: UV lazer sadece çok küçük bir ısıtma, mükemmel lazer ışını kalitesi süper effect.Energy tasarrufu işaretleme oluşturun, düşük güç tüketimi, hiçbir sarf malzemeleri required.Compact tasarımı ve hava soğutmalı, daha az çalışma alanı gerektirir. Böyle PLT, AI, D gibi yazılım desteği biçimleri ...
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  • [New product release] Raycus Laser launches new 500W, 1000W pulsed fiber laser products

    In the morning of March 20th, the new product launch of Raycus Laser was held at the WK·3400 booth at the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich. The newly released high-power pulse series covers 500W and 1000W pulsed fiber laser products that can be used in mold surface treatment, automotive manufactur...
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  • Wholesale Co2 Laser Cuter for Wood

    Applicable Industries: Widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking. Applicable materials: Most plastic, wood, paper, glasses, carton box, battery, leather, Clothes, r...
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  • US molders introduce laser equipment to greatly improve processing efficiency

    Weiss-Aug Group, a mold manufacturer based in New Jersey, USA, specializes in the development and manufacture of surgical instrumentation components, with facilities in the United States and Mexico, providing a complete line of medical device assembly. In order to better adapt to today’s fa...
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  • The welding process monitoring system will eliminate the risk of scrapping expensive parts

    At the upcoming Munich Light Expo in Shanghai, IPG will once again launch a new product, the LDD-700 welding process monitoring system. LDD-700 improves welding operations by monitoring the quality and consistency of the welding process, reducing the need for destructive testing of the product...
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  • Rheinmetall successfully develops and tests new laser weapon stations

    On February 28th, the German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall Defence announced that it had successfully developed and tested a new laser weapon station. According to the report , the laser weapon station is the latest phase and logical continuation of Rheinmetall Defence’s transformation o...
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  • UV Laser Marking Machine Laser Equipment

    UV laser only with very a little heating, perfect laser beam quality create super marking effect. Energy saving, low power consumption,no consumable materials required.Compact design and air cooling, require less working space. The software support formats such as PLT, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG,etc. Wid...
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  • High quality Fiber laser marking Machine Laser Equipment

    Applicable Industries:It widely used in industries of mobile phone keys, translucent plastic keys , electronic components , integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances , communication products , sanitary ware , tool parts, knives , watches ,glasses, jewelry, auto accessories, luggage buckle...
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  • Hand-held Fiber laser Welding Machine with High Quality

    Applicable Industries: Applicable to stainless steel, gold, silver, alloy, steel, diamond equivalent welding or dissimilar materials welding, widely used in mobile phone batteries, sensors, medical equipment, craft gifts, advertising, kitchen utensils, sheet metal chassis, precision machinery, c...
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  • Guangzhou Focuslaser Co, Ltd Gelişmiş Lazer Üretiminde İşaretleme Makineleri uzmanlaşmış

    Guangzhou Focuslaser Co, Ltd önde gelen üreticileri ve Lazer Gravür makineleri çeşitli tedarikçilerinden biridir. Firma Çin'de kurulan ve son on yılından beri faaliyet göstermektedir. Teknoloji gerçekten yediğimiz ürünlerin tür ve av olan ürünlerin çeşitliliği hakim ...
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