FOCUSLASER is a leading laser company specialized in the research and develop, produce, sales, training and after-sales of laser marking (engraving) machine (equipment).FOCUSLASER has over 10 years experiences in laser field with specialized technical personnel, experienced management and clear development direction which guarantee the rapid growth in laser industry.Our products have been widely applied to electrical appliances, handsets, hardware, precision machinery, jewelries, glasses, clocks, watches, craft work gifts, plastic mold, medical instruments,etc. Maintains good relations of cooperation with many famous international laser companies and famous experts in laser field. Sincerely provide customers with full range of laser solutions.
Here I am going to make a brief introduction about our products as bellows .
Fiber laser marking machine adopts integrated structure fiber laser output laser ,and then the high-speed scanning galvanometer marking system to achieve perfect function .Electrical and optical fiber laser marking conversion rates as high as 20 percent ,compared to the semiconductor laser marking machine has a higher beam quality ,electro-optical conversion efficiency ,the use of air cooling ,low power consumption,small size ,fiber laser theoretical life up to 100,000 hours ,long operating life ,is a new type of environmental ,friendly energy laser marking equipment .
The intelligent marking machine series provide different power lasers,which can be adjusted according to the different marking requirements,to achieve efficient marking .
The red light guiding focusing function is optional ,the marking height can be adjusted in the range of 0-150mm,and the lifting can be adjusted according to the thickness of different products with the high precision lifting screw ,making the operation convenient and accurate .
Field lens with marking ranges of 110mm x110mm or 175 mm x 175mm can be optional according to different marking requirement ,with a minimum marking range of 0.3mm.
Humanized interactive interface,supporting PLT,AI,DXF,BMP,JPG and other file formats ,easy for operating and learning.
Fiber laser annealing marking means permanent heat traces generated by laser, without removing or damaging the material .Annealing marking are used for all carbon-containing metals, especially stainless steel ,which change color when exposed to heat .The annealing process has significant advantages when marking the finished surface .The marking speed is slower than engraving because annealing relies entirely on the thermal effect of bringing the carbon from the steel to the surface .
This process is typically used to remove paint ,coating and other surface materials to create contrast but without damaging the substrate .Common applications are car dashboards and aircraft display .Other applications include backlight buttons ,anodized aluminum and surface painting .
While fiber laser engraving ,the surface of the products are melted by the laser and evaporated.Therefore ,the laser beam will remove the material .That means laser induced ablation by melting or evaporating substrates.Engraving is a method for permanent and direct marking that is anti-counterfeiting ,wear proof and corrosion resistant .

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